Rocket Research Center announced an international competition entitled “Virtual Rocket Contest. This competition is organized in order to spread and re-establish popularity of rocket modeling as well as to promote domestic manufacturers of rocket motors to potential clients from abroad.
The participants of this competition (competition is open until 15 July) are tasked to do a project of their own rockets in accordance with the limits defined in the rules of competition and to use appropriate computer software for design and simulation of missile flight. Upon completion of design, the participants send their works to the official e-mail of Rocket Research Center until July 15. 2010. Expert committee will then make a simulations of submitted projects under the same conditions and with same rocket motor for all participants (as defined in the rules) and will reward the project that made the maximum altitude in the moment of parachute deployment.  
 Winner of this competition will be rewarded with the amount of € 1.000,00 regardless participant is domestic or from abroad.
Detailed contest rules and application form for participation in the contest you can find here